About Tinakori

What We Do

Change is the only constant in business. To be successful, businesses have to anticipate market trends, build capacity for growth and have the flexibility to quickly respond to changing economies.  

Formed in 2011, Tinakori is a firm of business professionals with a diverse blend of complementary business strategy and operational skills and experience across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Our vision is to make a lasting difference by helping clients build the right capability and capacity within their organisations to realise their full potential, now and in the future.

We provide a range of services including: strategy development; planning and implementation; corporate finance, including mergers & acquisitions; operations management; service delivery; organisational change and development; business improvement and stakeholder management.

The Tinakori team is skilled at grasping complex challenges, developing smart strategies and helping organisations to plan and prioritise what needs to be done in order to achieve positive outcomes. We adopt a pragmatic approach – creating innovative, workable solutions that succeed.

We are adept at working across diverse stakeholder groups including, staff, customers, shareholders, Boards, ministers and officials in central and local government, NGOs, Iwi, community groups, influencers and media.

Accountable and results-driven, we understand commercial and political pressures, delivering on time and to budget.

Our People

Our team has a reputation for excellence and driving high performance across all sectors. We are also genuine, pragmatic individuals with a commitment to making a real difference to the clients we work with.

Teamwork underpins how we operate. We bring diverse, complementary strategy and operational skills that result in robust, practical approaches that deliver tangible outcomes for clients.
We understand the subtleties of private, public and not-for-profit operating models and are experienced in balancing commercial and social imperatives. From transformational change to service delivery, from corporate finance to business improvement, we have the capability to help.

Tinakori enjoys strong networks with a proven track record in building and maintaining strong, collaborative stakeholder relationships.

Our Approach

We recognise that no two orgaisations are the same. We work with you and relevant stakeholders to develop a strategy and approach that best meets your needs.
Central to our approach is a commitment to helping clients build the right capability and capacity within their own teams to enable them to reach their full potential.

We approach any project by:

  • listening to you, understanding, and developing an approach that best meets your needs
  • building strong relationships with your people to sustain improvement and build capability
  • adopting a pragmatic, innovative approach – creating original, workable solutions that succeed in even the most challenging circumstances
  • working closely and collaboratively with partners at every level, including staff, customers, shareholders, Boards, Government and officials in central and local government, NGOs, Iwi, community groups, influencers and media, to ensure interests’ of all parties are considered
  • being results-focused and delivering on time and to budget.